Limone - Riva del Garda cycle path

Do you love cycling along looking at breathtaking views? The first section of the cycle path along Lake Garda opened on 14 July 2018, constituting 2 spectacular kilometres overlooking the water which you can walk or cycle along in complete safety. The Villa Cappellina hotel is less than 30 minutes from Capo Reamol to the north of the centre of Limone, the starting point for the amazing new cycle path, which runs parallel to the road known as Strada Statale 45bis Gardesana until the border with the province of Trento.
Limone - Riva del Garda cycle path Hotel
The path is to be extended by another 5 kilometres in the coming years, to reach the beautiful Riva del Garda. The route is part of the large cycle path project (Ciclovia del Garda) stretching 140 km, which will make the lake even more attractive to anyone who enjoys cycling and slow tourism, and will be an addition to the many enjoyable routes that already exist in the area.
Therefore, our Villa, sitting splendidly amidst the beauty of nature, is an ideal spot for comfort and tranquillity after a day on the bike.